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How Does our Swimming Pool Financing Work?

1. Apply


Our loan application was created to be easy - we just need a few moments of your time! We do not request your Social Security Number or Date of Birth - your credit is NOT accessed without your consent.  


Apply online or by telephone (800) 696 0696. 

Your information is always safe, secure & confidential. 




2. Your Application is Reviewed 


At California Equity & Loan, your loan application is reviewed by a real person, not a computer! Our Home Improvement Financing Team will assess all loan options available to you and then recommend the best program - all without accessing your credit file or charging any upfront fees! 




3. Discuss Loan Options


Within 24 hours, you will receive a phone call, or email if you prefer, from one of our Home Improvement Financing Team members to discuss your financing options.  


We are here to help you identify the programs for which you are eligible, explain the details – rate, term, costs – and make sure you get the best possible service. 



4. Secure a Loan Approval


Our job is to guide you through the process and help you choose the best terms available.




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