Financing Your Swimming Pool

We are in our 35th anniversary year of helping homeowners successfully secure the best terms available for their swimming pool construction.

Swimming pool loan, low rate, HELOC, California Pools
Home Equity Loans


Fixed and Adjustable options

Terms up to 30 years

No Maximum 


No Equity Required, Unsecured Swimming Pool Loans,
Signature Loans


Fixed Rates

Terms up to 15 years

$100,000 Maximum


Good credit.

Flexible terms allow for all forms of self-employed, non-occupant co-borrowers, second homes, rentals and non-conforming properties. 

Reduced payments during construction.


Good credit or compensating factors.

Debt ratio to 50%. 

Verifiable income.

Loan-to-Value up to 125%.

Poor credit/substantial equity programs available. 



Special Programs and discounts for Physicians, Dentists, Educators, Health Care Professionals, Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Attorneys, CPAs